“The Chryslers” - T.V. & Recording Artists!

Some of Their Highlights...

  • More than a dozen T.V. appearances between 1966 & 1971. Including a standing-room only performance at the Memorial Stadium Decency Rally before an estimated 70K crowd with seating on the grass.
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  • Recorded the vocals on the record, “Because I Love You ” & “ I'm Not Gonna Loose You ”.
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  • Discovered by Music & Business legend Chuck Weber, they were the 1st to record on Jody Enterprises (JE) record label (founded by Chuck Weber, Joe Sokolas, & Dave Shapiro).
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  • Pictured Left-Front: Judge Marshal B. Murray. "Bert" as he was affectionately called, was the original 4th Chrysler. Sometime during the mid-1960s, Bert shared his vocal talents and creativity with The Chrysler Trio forming The Chrysler Quartet. From 1 of the singers in The Chryslers to his present position as a Wisconsin District Court Judge, in the U.S.A. He is a testament to the ‘self-made man’.
  • Pictured Left-Rear: Rev. Wendell Amprey. "Amp" as he was fondly known in the 1960s, was the original 3rd Chrysler. His talents were, imaginative, spontaneous, incredible and versatile. In the early mid-1960s, when he joined and formed The Chryslers Trio, he seemed always philosophical & humane. It is no surprise that today, he is in service to human-kind through his Christian Ministry activities in the U.S.A..
  • Pictured Center: Randolf B. Hammond. "Randy" as he was affectionately known, is the original co-creator of The Chryslers. One could say, The Chryslers started out in the late 1950s as a duet, morphed in the 1960s to a trio, and finally a quartet- for a short while. Randy's talents were incredibly, high-energy, focused and determined. He is now semi-retired but occasionally, sings vocals for studio vocal recordings.
  • Right-Rear: Darnell McManus. Darnell is a 3rd. generation ‘Chrysler’ as a quintet singing group. He replaced the legendary Lamont Davis (1st Lead on the recording "Because I Love You"). Darnell joined The Chryslers in the late 1960s & brought wonderful new stylings to their vocal harmonies. His control was amazing. His voice was soothing and enchanting to listen to. Now retired but- one never knows!
  • Right-Front: Larry Jackson "Mo", as he has been fondly named since the mid-1950s, founded The Chryslers along with Randy. As early as then, he played show-tunes & standards on Trumpet. It was natural for him to expand into Jazz groups, Rock & Roll singing and Songwriting by his teen years. Mo, has been retired-disabled for sometime but, is returning to Songwriting and Composing. Mo currently has approximately 50 songs written or in development and 4 ready for Licensing and/or Distribution.    Click Here- for short sample of Mo's songs!

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